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A big world for little ones

Raul Barroso, from marketing and digital communication on one side, and Raúl García del Pomar and Ismael González from atipo® creative studio, are the base of meikme®, a project that invents applications for children based on stories that have influenced and excited us as adults. We think that they can entertain and stimulate the imagination of the younger ones and in turn help parents share moments and experiences with them.

We also work with Diego and Héctor who fix everything and Mary (architect and professor) and Sarah (psychologist) , they spend all day with kids and they are who really know more about education.

In meikme®, we seek references in the adult world (cinema, music, literature, dance, etc.) that we would like to transfer to the language of children but far from the usual ways. In addition to sharing our passions: laughing, telling stories, creating characters, and laughing again and always inspired by some of our favorite heroes: Saul Bass, Maurice Sendak or Pixar. We want to make the world of the little ones big, and we enjoy adapting the grown-up world for the little ones.

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