The Journey of Alvin

The Journey of Alvin

A Road App for kids

The journey of Alvin is an interactive story with which you can accompany Alvin, riding his old mower, willing to travel 400 miles to be reunited with his brother.

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The Journey of Alvin’s song

Have you heard of The journey of Alvin’s song? A delicate melody accompanies him throughout his adventure. If you want, it can be the song that inspires all of your travels.

A “Road-App” for kids

If you accompany Alvin on his journey, you can share his experiences, meet new friends, hear the birds singing, feel the rain, watch the colors of the sunset… knowing that speed is not important, but the enjoyment of the journey.

There is so much to see

The road will be long but it will be full of adventures and surprises. The application can be enjoyed as a continuous story or through the different scenes by interacting with the characters.

  • Fun for everybody, children and parents alike.
  • Sounds, narration, music and autoplay.
  • Available in Spanish and English.
  • Children-friendly interface.
  • Without third-party publicity.
  • No in-app purchases.

The journey begins

The journey is about to begin; let yourselves be caught by the charm of colorful animations and the excitement of an endearing story that speaks of another way to see the world.

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You can get a lite version for free: on Apple Store, Google Play or Amazon Store.